Trousers for lazy days

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Hello Guys!

I Hope you’re doing well. No No, I didn’t already let my project behind me, I just needed time to take pictures of my works. And I don’t know if you noticed but now but I’m proud to present you my self-hosted site so if you see any problems do not hesitate to tell me.

That is really nice to sew things for myself but if I only do that I will soon be overcrowded by a mountain of clothes.


So this week I made this pair of trousers for lazy days for the man who shares my life and who supports me at 100% (well he says so ^^ ).

He wanted sports trousers so we choose the very very simple pattern of Burda : 7fd2c95ff84862eba18dbe44da8eb44a

Well, there is no complicated thing with this pattern. It just permits me to learn how to sew sweatshirt fabric and how to place ribbing correctly. So here are some pictures for the step by step picture story :

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Once the trousers were made, the model had to play the game so we went for a walk this sunny day for a photo-shoot so you can see the result. 🙂

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Tell me what you think and continue following me, I have so many projects in my head to share with you!

Have a nice Sunday evening!

Cheers my Dears!


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