My first handmade backpack!

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Hello dear readers!
How are you today? With the bag chair, I sewed lately, I had remnants of fabric. As this fabric is water repellent and quite solid. I thought it would be perfect to create a backpack for Mathieu! After a little chat with him, I decided to work on a roll-top backpack.

As I never sewed a backpack before, I had to think how to do it correctly, and I had to get all the steps in my mind before starting it. I already knew that it was a long work that was waiting for me! I wanted a comfortable back and straps, a pocket in the front, a leathered bottom, and zips to close the pocket.

So I have explored Pinterest to get some ideas and designs in mind and I created my design based on these researches.

So to make the backpack, I needed: leather, ribbon for the straps, stuffing, 2 zippers and straps adjusters. I choose all the haberdashery stuff brown as the colour matches really well with grey.

I started to create the straps, as it was the part I didn’t know how to begin, and place it on the backpack it was important for me for it to be done before starting something else :

Once it was done, I could start the back: Making it comfortable and fixing the straps.

After that, I prepared the face of the backpack: making a pocket and fixing it to it.

At this step of the work, I could assemble the main part of the backpack and prepare the bottom of it to sew them together.

The main part of the backpack was made, I still had to sew the top of it and the lining. I assembled them together before fixing it to the backpack.

As you can see on the pictures I had at this moment already placed buttons on the main part. I wasn’t completely convinced by the result. As I had still some leather I changed the closing system at the end. I chose to put new straps and straps adjuster.

To make this backpack was a lot of work and full of details. Again I have made this backpack with no pattern! I am quite satisfied with the result and I think Mathieu too! What do you think?

I hope you appreciated this article and can’t wait to show you my next project! Have nice weekend dear readers!

Cheers my Dears,



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