How I turned a velvet pair of trousers into a short jumpsuit!

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Hello dear readers!
I was doing some shopping in the charity shops around my home when I fell on a pair of velvet trousers! It has been a while since I wanted to try to modify old clothes but I only made it once with the leather trousers turned into a dress (first and second article)! There are plenty of reasons for that. I didn’t have the inspiration, I couldn’t find a piece that I like, or I had other projects in mind…

But this time I found the perfect piece to work on! Velvet is very trendy! Why not trying to do something out of this big pair of trousers? 🙂 I know velvet is not very suitable for summer but I missed a piece like that in my wardrobe! And if I cannot wear it now, I will for sure in autumn. I just have to be patient before I can put it on! No?

So I directly decided to change it into a Jumpsuit, yes, a short jumpsuit! My challenge was to use only the fabric of the trousers so it was more economical! As the trousers were in size 16, I had enough material to do so!

This time, I made a video to explain every step of the process! I made it in French but I also tried to make the translation in English in the subtitles so everybody who’s reading this post can also understand the video! I hope you will like it! But I can talk about this video in another article!

These are some step by step pictures:

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If you want more information about the process or if you are just curious to see it, you can go and see


I conceive we don’t see correctly the jumpsuit on the video so I also made some pictures of it on the mannequin!

By the way, my Grandma gave me two old coats to make something out of it! For the little story, these coats belonged to my Great-grandma, so this is very VERY vintage! And yes, she keeps E-VE-RY-THING! 😀 Well, while I am on the roll, I will definitely work on those very soon! Hooo Hooo Hooo! New articles to come!

I hope you enjoyed this article and the video! I am waiting for your returns, expectations, and advice! See you soon dear readers and take care!

Cheers my Dears,





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