A wedding dress for my Sister (Third part: Tops and result!)

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Hello dear readers!
Time to talk about the tops for the wedding dress of my Sister! If you didn’t read my previous article, you can see how we decided together the design of the dress in the first article (just click) and how I made the skirt (click again!) in the second.

So after the skirt, it was time for me to use this wonderful lace I bought to LacetoLove. The thing when I bought the fabric is that I didn’t think about how I had to use it. I had to respect the design of lozenge in the lace to make the upper top. So before cutting the fabric, I had to study where to place my pattern on the material and therefore I made some tests as you will see in the pictures below. 🙂 Finally, I had to change a little bit the pattern so the neckline could fit to the design of the lace.

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As you see I took all the precautions to cut it correctly I overpined it so it couldn’t move while I was cutting the fabric! I sewed the sides and shoulders with the machine and then I hand sewed all the hems. It was a really long work because I wanted to be the most invisible possible. When I finished that I decided to place buttons in the back to close it elegantly! And it was doooone!

And to finish the outfit, I had to work on the bustier. I actually worked a lot on it so the neckline was not too deep. as the lace top was very transparent it had to look more like a top than a wonderbra! It was a little bit complicated, I couldn’t try it on my sister so I had to guess how it will fit on her.

I made actually two versions of it. The first was too small to hide decently her chest. So for the second and last version, I opted for a classic shape and sewed the neckline to fit the lace top. I made the straps adjustable and I placed hooks in the back to close it like a bra. I underlined all the top so all the seams were invisible.

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So everything was done. I just had to wait for me to go to Sri Lanka and cross my fingers for her to like it. I was so scared she finally didn’t like it! But I couldn’t do more than what was done! I placed the dress in my luggage and we had to wait for her to try it on.

The first day we arrived in Mirigama, I absolutely wanted to see the dress on her. Everything was perfect. We had just to adjust the size of the bralette. Because even with the measures she gave me and my mannequin at her size it was 10 cm too wide. So we met a tailor in Sri Lanka who helped me to shrink the top. And the dress was ready for Duleepa and Perrine’s big day! 🙂

So here are some pictures we could take during the wedding. I hope I will have better pictures to show you but now you can all see the result on her. 😀 Isn’t she lovely? <3

It was such an achievement for me to make her dress for her day. With that dress I could participate to her project and I was really happy to make her this gift! It is already one month they got married! I wish them all the best now and in future with all my love. <3

Have a nice sunny weekend!

Cheers my Dears!


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  1. Oh wow ! J’aurais tellement la pression si ma soeur me demandait ça ! C’est superbe en tout cas, bien joué !

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