A wedding dress for my Sister (Second part: Sewing the skirt)

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Hello dear readers!
So after we chose a design and I found the perfect fabrics (see the first part article) it was time for me to get to the very heart of the matter. Making this dreamed wedding dress for my Sister a reality!

I was so obsessed by this project that I couldn’t do anything else in the meantime. And when I finally get her measurements I had to start the work right away! I had the dress in mind but I was feeling that my sister had some doubts about my comprehension of the dress. This is not really easy to make her understand that she had to trust me to the end of the project, I couldn’t show her live or make her try. I only had my mannequin at her size and some pictures to show to her! So this part of the job was a big challenge. We had to both keep calm and carry on!

At that moment the dress was just an idea and it was only some squared fabrics on the mannequin (yes it’s a bit scary)! Hahaha! Yes, as you see it is like I was losing my mind! 😛

To have an idea of the silhouette I decided to start to sew the skirt at first. I made a half circle skirt with the underskirt cut in 3 pieces and I cut 2 pieces for the upper layer to make a 360º skirt. I also chose to double the waist of the upper layer so I could make a gathered skirt. It is clearly more elegant and it allows to hide a little bit more the underwears. 😉

I was already aware that cutting the chiffon would be a little bit TRICKY because I made it once for a skirt and so I had use all my living room and my time to cut the fabric correctly. And it looks like it took me a while to cut it. If you have a tip to cut it without losing your hair I would buy some! 😀

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This was finally done, I could go further on the project and start with the tops.

Actually, as I have so much to tell about this dress I prefer to give you another appointment to have the complete story! Soon you will discover the result! 🙂   Have a lovely Sunday!

Cheers my Dears!


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