A real Workspace for my passion

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Hello dear readers!

How are you today? Today I wanted to show you my new workspace! As my passion is taking more and more place in my mind I had to give it a real place in my home. In these conditions, I am now up to go further in my professional projects and ideas!

It is a known fact that sewing is a bit complicated when you don’t have space for it. I used to sew in my living room but it was always a mess after a complete day of sewing after which I couldn’t find any courage to tidy up my living space.
I wish I could be this guy!

As my apartment is composed of a living room and a bedroom, I decided to place my workspace in the bedroom so my living room is always on top to welcome people. Yes, I sleep with my sewing machine now! Hahaha!

I had to find space in this room to keep my bed so we can still sleep in the flat and put my studio in it. So I found a high sleeper bed and I won 4m2 in my bedroom! And I placed all my workspace under it!

And Tindiiin! Everything I need while I am sewing is there now! The pegboard allows me to have the essential in a hand. My printer is always at disposition. I arranged my fabrics so I can always see what I have in stock. I could put my iron table on the side. I could even place a bar to hang my projects. And I don’t need to put away my machine each time I stop sewing!

And now I am super happy and I can make the chemistry work in my lab! 🙂 See you soon dear readers and take care!

Cheers my Dears,


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